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The statements expressed below do not represent everyone’s individual results from their eye procedure because results vary for each person. What may be considered painless or satisfying to one person may be considered differently by another individual. A thorough informational discussion with your ophthalmologist about your eye condition and different options available and realistic expectations from the elected procedure is a very important step in deciding to undergo any treatment or procedure. By conducting an eye exam, the eye care professionals at Eye MD Monterey can best inform you and answer your questions about your eye condition.

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for the sensitive, helpful and professional services you’ve provided for Louise and me. Today it seems that every aspect of medical care causes apprehension and distress, especially when we don’t fully know what to expect. Your friendly care and treatment was a welcome change from the ordinary. We have never felt more at ease and well cared for at any other provider, not just vision care.

Your thoughtful and caring approach is exceptional and deserves a word of gratitude. You’ve taken an otherwise unpleasant but necessary experience and made it relaxed, friendly and comfortable. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

Tom Christian, optical patient from Pacific Grove



Thank you, Dr. Penrose. Cataract surgery was miraculous for me and has greatly improved my quality of life. The procedure is simple, recovery is fast and the results are amazing – all coupled with a very professional and caring staff.

Again, thank you.
Susan B. Thamer, Monterey cataract patient



Dear Dr. Penrose,

As I told you during our initial conversation, of the three ophthalmologists referred to me, I chose you since your availability matched my schedule. After the surgery and recovery I can say, based on my previous surgery on the other eye that I experienced less discomfort and faster recovery after this operation. I also appreciated your follow-up and concern that all was well. I would appreciate you accepting me as a patient, and seeing me on annual basis to check on my eye condition.

Thank you again for your caring, professional treatment.
Ernest Toth, Monterey cataract patient



Dear Dr. Penrose:

Thank you for the gift of eyesight again. I can see like I did when I was a kid! The cataract replacement procedure was so quick and painless, that it was over before I knew it.

Many thanks also to your very caring and professional staff – both office and surgical – for their great “bedside manner.’ I felt that I was in the hands of a skilled and compassionate team; explaining every procedure and maintaining a reassuring and cheerful attitude.

After just a few days, I am able to see with new eyes!! Color has come back amazingly – didn’t realize how clouded and “smogged” my vision was. Now I can see perfect detail – the result is a fantastic improvement.

Many thanks to you all and Hooray for modern medicine!

Kind regards,
Alexandra Kane, a Monterey Cataract Patient



“Yesenia at [the] optical on Cass in Monterey, CA, was so very professional and put me at ease the very first appointment. I will recommend her and Dr. Penrose to my friends needing a very caring and informed eye professional.”

Lorraine E. Popovic, a Couture Vision Optical patient from Carmel, CA

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To Dr. Penrose!

My Doctor is
There for the hurt
And soul
You feel comfortable
As soon he shows

His personality
Has so much charm
A grandma like me
Likes to take him
In her arms
The fear
Of the operation disappears
His kind words
Do the trick
And you relax very quick

I must say
His staff
I liked
They all were
Very sweet and polite

Can’t forget
Dr. Mitchell the anesthesiologist
Yes he makes sure
You are in La La La La land
So relaxed you could sleep thru

For me as an artist
It was a pleasure to see
Those beautiful colors
I imagined Pablo Picasso
Painting with me

You have no pain
You are so glad
Soon you will see
20-20 it will be

So thank you Dr. Penrose
And all your staff
To make me see
The birds and the bees
The flowers and the trees
What a wonderful world it is.

From Mrs. Hannelore Eggemann, a Seaside cataract patient



Dr. Penrose, I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your work as my doctor. I recall my reluctance when I was sent to you on a Sunday afternoon by CHOMP emergency for a retina complication. At the time, I had not met you, and what kind of doctor sees an unknown patient on a Sunday afternoon? Since then, you have done some miracle work for my eyesight.

The cataract surgery has given me renewed confidence and vision. Prior to the surgery, I had a pair of glasses for reading, a pair for driving and a pair for computer work (my profession). I no longer use any of these. This letter was delayed in part by our six-week RV trip, which went very well. I did not need glasses for reading or driving as long as the light permitted. What a way to go for someone who felt their eyesight was being compromised, if not in jeopardy of being lost. Anyway, thank you for being there.

John Les Paulsen



Thank you for the opportunity to say how very pleased I am with ReStor lenses. Thankfully, my ophthalmologist, Dr. Philip Penrose, recommended them for me when I needed cataract surgery about ten years ago. Upon arriving home after surgery, I can still recall my exhilaration to be able to see so very much better than with glasses…close-up and at a distance!! I was truly amazed! Every day I am thankful for good eye sight and for the Doctor who made this possible. I have no regrets, even though there was some out-of-pocket expense because Medicare did not cover these lenses. I’ve worn glasses since a child; then contacts for many years; then glasses again. ReStor lenses have given me the BEST vision ever. If your ophthalogist recommends ReStor lenses for you: Go for it!

Janice Long, Salinas CA Cataract Patient


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